Self-whitening and facial using LED light at Kichijoji

LED light whitening and facials at the Salon de Bell Kichijoji store

Why do not you take self-whitening and whitening facial using LED light at Kichijoji? The Salon de Bell Kichijoji store offers self-whitening and whitening facials using LED light. This salon is a salon where many customers come repeatedly because we try to respond to each customer sincerely, from careful counseling to various treatments.
Aroma treatments and dry head spas can be received at our store in Kichijoji, supporting the beauty and well-being of many people regardless of gender. Please feel free to contact us if you have tiredness or skin problems.


At Salon de Bell Kichijoji, we have prepared many menus such as self-whitening, LED light whitening facial and body care.

This is a salon that performs self-whitening and LED light-whitening facials at Kichijoji.

LED light new limited menu
Q & A

This is a frequently asked question from customers

Can I use a credit card for payment?
Payment is cash only.
Do you have a change of clothes?
In our shop, we are preparing to change clothes.
Are aroma oils and essential oils organic?
In our shop, we use organic aroma oil and essential oil.
Can you choose essential oils freely?
We always prepare 20-30 kinds of essential oils, so please choose your favorite essential oil.
What kind of essential oil do you use?
Essential oils from Japan, France, Belgium, USA, etc. are used, and the essential oils used differ from time to time.

If you have self-whitening or LED light whitening facial, leave it to us! Salon de Bell Kichijoji


Store name

Salon de Bell Kichijoji

Street address

2nd floor, Miyuki Bldg. 1-26-5 Kichijoji Honmachi, Musashino, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

10:00 〜 22:00

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The whitening salon is open at a few minutes walk from Kichijoji Station. Realizing beautiful skin using high-quality equipment that can be expected to beautify skin by irradiating LED light on the skin, and improving the blood circulation of the skin and activating cell metabolism by applying light to the skin Please come to the whitening salon that has a store in Kichijoji.

About us

Salon de Bell Kichijoji has a track record in LED light whitening facial

Please try the whitening facial using LED light at Kichijoji

If you are looking for LED light whitening facial at Kichijoji, please use Salon de Bell Kichijoji. Beauty and mental and physical health bring out inner beauty. From our customers who have accumulated many achievements so far, based on the customer service that cares carefully for each customer, counseling that carefully approaches customers, and a wide range of treatments that respond to various problems. We have a strong trust. If you are looking for a salon where you can rest assured, please do not hesitate to visit us.
In addition to the location of Kichijoji, there are abundant treatment menus that are said to be effective for relaxation as well as beauty, such as self-whitening, aroma treatment, dry head spa, and reflexology of the soles. The salon welcomes people of all ages regardless of gender, so please feel free to contact us.

Self-whitening offered at Kichijoji

If you are considering self-whitening, head to Salon de Bell Kichijoji, which has a proven track record in Kichijoji. A dedicated self-whitening machine using LED light has been introduced to support customers who wish to use dental whitening.

Please feel free to use the price because it is more reasonable than other stores.

In order to accommodate customers with a variety of recent problems, Kichijoji offers services such as LED light whitening facials that use LED light and beauty liquids tailored to customer's concerns, as well as aroma treatments and reflexology of the soles of the feet. Provided. Regardless of age or gender, we are working towards a total salon that supports the beauty and mental and physical health of a wide range of people. Please come to the Salon de Bell Kichijoji to help our customers spend their days with confidence in their beauty and health.